R&D team

There are more than 60 experts covering different disciplines including architecture, mechanics, electronics, materials and senior expert consultants. Our team is responsible for all kinds of buildings, topography, geology, climate and other data of major areas around the world, and cooperate with famous knowledge and institutes (such as Shanghai Tongji University, Harbin Institute of Technology, University of California, Berkeley, Germany, Munich University of Technology, etc.). As to the product features, quality and structure, we will conduct development and optimization. BAPV, BIPV, ground system (including spiral pile series) and tracking system 4 series of 150 kinds of photovoltaic support system products, covering the photovoltaic power station construction environment, has passed the TUV, UL, CE, CSTB, AS / NZS "and other multi-national certification, and access to international third-party certification authority SGS certification, and fully meet the different regions of the world and the customer's individual needs. The latest research and development of photovoltaic greenhouse systems and large-scale ground power plant dust removal technology is also a leading global level.

CERTIFIED Reliability certification

VERSOLSOLAR pays attention to details; we do not compromise when it comes to quality.All of our production processes and products meet strict control standards, which are independent of the audit and monitoring of all kinds of third party organizations. In line with modern ISO standards and the United States independent engineers to ensure a unique degree of consistency and product quality. We do our best to make sure that all the customers that are available to us are "worry free" ".

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